Everything you need to prepare cocktails/mocktails like a pro


It would be futile to list all the stories explaining the origin of the word "cocktail". The English etymology is certainly very clear: the "Cock Tail" unequivocally designates a composition with multiple colors, and therefore the various ingredients combined in a unique presentation but its precise origin remains forever unknown.

APS Official Dealer

Glass & Bar Supply

We work with the Official Supplier of the best bars and clubs: APS because we want to offer our customers a professional service and quality to elaborate your cocktails and mocktails. We already have a range of mixology utensils in the store in Waterloo but we can order everything you need. 


We even have a catering industry rate.

Official Distributor for GIFFARD

Giffard has been the specialist of liqueurs and syrups since 1885 and the choice of the best mixologists and professional cocktails makers. Discover the full range of products in Les Grandes Eaux store in Waterloo. To make your aperitifs and cocktails, do not hesitate to contact us.

We also have a catering indutry rate.

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